Salus Discovery is changing the way one thinks about assay development and optimization. Our goal is to lower costs and improve performance by leveraging micro-scale phenomena. We strive to make superior low-cost assays that are easy to use. 


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Salus Discovery, LLC was founded in February of 2013 by David Beebe and Scott Berry, based on technology developed at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Initial efforts focused on commercialization of the Exclusion-Based Sample Preparation (ESPTM) technology within the research community. These early efforts culminated in a partnership with Gilson, Inc and the launch of the EXTRACTMANTM - the first product based on Salus’ ESP platform. Since then, Salus has expanded the application of our technologies into a broad spectrum of different areas.


Driven by our roots in academic research, Salus Discovery’s interests are broad and continually evolving. Aided by the inherent flexibility of our technologies, we enjoy engaging in partnerships spanning multiple scientific disciplines and markets. Our (intentional) lack of investor funding allows us the freedom to pursue endeavors that might otherwise be unfeasible for more traditional companies. We believe that our core competency is our ability to engineer innovative solutions to difficult  problems, a skill that we leverage in collaboration with our many partners. Further, Salus Discovery is a company with “philanthropic tendencies”, as we prioritize projects which aim to improve healthcare, particularly in populations with the greatest need.

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Set up to promote innovation and creating thinking, Salus Discovery is a playground for scientists. Located on the vibrant Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin, our 2.100 ft2 facility includes offices, in-house fabrication and prototyping infrastructure, and BSL2 lab space with cell culture, imaging, and molecular biology capabilities.