The ESP Advantage

In order to discover new cures, drugs, and biomarkers, we need a technology capable of accessing cellular and molecular biomarkers (e.g., DNA, RNA, protiens). ESP simplifies otherwise complicated processes, making manual processes as repeatable as automated processes


The Power of Exclusion!

ESPTM leverages phase interfaces (e.g., liquid-air), micro scale-physics, and simple manipulations of magnetic particles to perform rapid isolation of bead-bound analytes. Click here to see ESP in action.

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Use Any Sample Type!

A key advantage of ESP is versatility. Because ESP leverages commercially available magnetic beads, ESP can be used with almost any sample/analyte combination. To date, we have applied ESP in capturing proteins, protein complexes, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and whole cells from a broad range of sample types, including: plants, whole blood, urine, sputum, stool, swabs, and mammalian tissue. Click here to see specific applications of ESP.

Capture Weak & Transient Interactions!

Cell biology is goverened by interactions between proteins and many of the most critical interactions are transient or labile. Unfortunately, common isolation techniques inadvertantly promote dissociation of these critical complexes. Traditional isolation processes are both relatively slow and extremely dilutive, both of which act to dissociate precious analyte. ESP directly addresses both of these factors, resulting in a quantifiable gain in difficult-to-capture interactions.

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Multi-analyte Isolation!

While molecular analysis techniques have advanced greatly in recent years, many sample types remain inherently limited (e.g., needle biopsies, pediatric samples). Accordingly, methods that can obtain multi-analyte endpoints from a single sample are becoming increasingly valuable. Because ESP moves analytes rather than liquids, analytes can be magnetically extracted from samples without diluting, destroying, or otherwise perturbing the original sample. Thus, ESP can be used to extract multiple analytes in series from a single source, thus maximizing the information obtainable from precious sample.

As Simple As It Gets!

Who wants to use a complex technology? No one! A key feature of ESP is simplicity. ESP streamlines workflows of automated and manual processes, enabling new assays as well as integrating into existing protocols.

Automation-like Repeatability!

Automation provides unsurpassed repeatability and efficiency. Unfortunately, automation often comes with a high price. The simple, yet defined, ESP workflow enables users to get automated-like repeatability and results out of manual operation.

Integrating ESP into your workflow!

Automation? Point-of-care assays? Research tools? Diagnostics? ESP is the solution! The unique modular capabilities of ESP enable us to integrate ESP-based processes into virtually any molecular analysis workflow. Let us work with you to integrate ESP with your upsteam sample collection process or downstream molecular detection technology.


ESP leverages commercially available magnetic micro- and nano-particles to isolate a plethora of analytes; these analytes include: whole cells, proteins, RNA, and DNA. If your process utilizes magnetic particles, or if you would like to start using magnetic particles to improve your process, ESP is the simple solution for you. Salus has experience with several popular magnetic bead types - please contact us to learn more.